Battle of the Graphs

Battle of the Graphs
The top graph is the one the IPCC and Al Gore uses, the bottom contains the actual temperatures recorded from the past 1000 years

CO2 is not the enemy in North Carolina!

If we do not de-rail the man made global warming locomotive that North Carolina legislators have put into motion, $4 a gallon gasoline is only the tip of the iceburg! Join me and let's end this hoax in North Carolina.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

VP of the NC Forestry Association and member of the LEGISLATIVE COMM ON GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE says "climate change has moved from science to religion"

On July 30th I sent the following e-mail to every member of the North Carolina Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change:

"A rocket scientist that spent six years "carbon accounting" by building models for the Australian Greenhouse Office now says man-made global warming does not exist

You have received this email from a citizen of North Carolina that would very much like to see man-made climate change debated publicly, by scientists, in terms that average Americans can understand, and because you are listed as being a member of the North Carolina Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change.

The attached and linked article was written by Dr.David Evans himself and he states two important points:

First, "There is no evidence to support the idea that carbon emissions cause significant global warming. None." Secondly,
"There has not been a public debate about the causes of global warming and most of the public and our decision makers are not aware of the most basic salient facts..."
I have attached a Word version of the July 18th, 2008 article, and I have also provided a link:,,24036736-17803,00.html

I am determined to see this issue debated in North Carolina and have started a blog in an attempt to give North Carolinian's an opportunity to connect with the evidence, one another, and their legislators about man made climate change. My first goal is to allow officials from North Carolina an opportunity to let the public know which side of the debate they fall on.

After you have had an opportunity to read the article I would appreciate a reply to this message stating your thoughts about Dr Evans assertions. Your comments will be posted to my blog un-altered.

Thank you for your time."

As of Friday Aug 1st Mr. Robert Slocum, Vice President of the North Carolina Forestry Commission, and member of the North Carolina Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change, is the only, of the 34 total members, that have responded to my request. Here are his comments:

"I applaud your objective and wish you the best of luck. Dr. Evans paper is very good and in line with a substantial amount of scientific work that is finally coming to light. Unfortunately, “Climate Change” has moved from science and become its own religion. That makes rational, scientific debate very difficult, if not impossible, in the political arena. Climate change is now the rational for almost every action anyone can think of and the cause of almost every ill.

Bob Slocum"

I cannot stress enough to my fellow North Carolina citizens to contact your legislators and find out where they stand on this debate. The economic future of our state my depend on it. Our schools are crumbling around us and there are elements at work within our states government who are preparing to spend billions of dollars of our tax money to "save the planet" as Nancy Pelosi puts it, FROM A HOAX!

Boy if only we could be so alarmed about the state of our schools we would probably have the smartest school children in the Republic.

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