Battle of the Graphs

Battle of the Graphs
The top graph is the one the IPCC and Al Gore uses, the bottom contains the actual temperatures recorded from the past 1000 years

CO2 is not the enemy in North Carolina!

If we do not de-rail the man made global warming locomotive that North Carolina legislators have put into motion, $4 a gallon gasoline is only the tip of the iceburg! Join me and let's end this hoax in North Carolina.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does ANYONE know where Wonder Women's lasso of truth is....

Gore’s twisted tornado facts

Published by Editor under General, The Science Debate

Thanks to Watt’s Up With That for this deconstruction of Gore’s proclamation before Iowa Democrats that climate change has resulted in increased tornadoes, including the one that leveled much of Parkersburg earlier this year. “Yes, we’ve always had tornadoes in Iowa and in Tennessee,” he said. “But they’re coming more frequently and they’re stronger.”

The graph above suggests otherwise

It is blatent inaccuaracies like these that justify the debate I am calling my elected officials in North Carolina to engage in before they decide to start wasting our tax money on controlling c02! If we find out to late that snow load rated greenhouses were what we needed once again it will be the North Carolina taxpayer that will be left out in the cold.

Graph from NWS/NOAA. Smaller (F1) tornadoes seem to be on the increase, but not larger ones (F2-F5). This is likely due to increased reporting from Doppler Radar, storm chasers, and news gathering. Small tornadoes that once went unnoticed are now often reported, and make the news.

Gore is flat wrong.

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